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Just to clarify, that the Aadhaar is not a card and it is just a number. Aadhaar authentication can only be done through biometric verification through UIDAI servers wherever required. If one can remember Aadhaar number, then there is no need to take print out on paper or card. Entire personal information including person’s biometrics for every Aadhaar number is stored in UIDAI server in a secure manner.

If someone still needs to take a printout of E-Aadhaar for easier reference and easier handling , they can either go to nearby internet centre/copy centre to take their help to print on plain paper/PVC card. Alternatively, customers can register with and upload their files for printing on card format and get them delivered to their homes. It is a very convenient method for someone to get their cards without going out for such service and saving time. In both cases, the customer has to give their E-Aadhaar file to the service provider with their consent for getting their E-Aadhaar file printed.

A person can download E-Aadhaar PDF from UIDAI portal for saving for reference and also to take print out as per their need. aapkaaadhaarcard is only facilitating the printing service by helping Aadhaar holder to take the print out of the same E-Aadhaar file on PVC card instead of A4 size paper. It is same as a person visiting any printing service shop and asking them to print. This portal, is an online version of same service and prints on PVC card (Plastic paper) as per user’s consent. Same will be delivered to the address provided by respective customers.

Interested persons can register as a customer at portal and upload E-Aadhaar files requesting to print on PVC card by giving their consent. User’s consent is mandatory to upload any E-Aadhaar PDF file on this portal. Moreover, this portal will only accept secured E-Aadhaar PDF files downloaded from UIDAI portal having password protection.

Uploaded E-Aadhaar files will be pushed to secure servers where our automated programs can pick up the file and print on PVC cards. After the successful closing of the order, these PDF files are deleted from our systems. aapkaaadhaarcard does not save any information from E-Aadhaar file other than UID number, which is needed to track the order.

To order Plastic Aadhaar card follow below steps.
  1. Complete your registration on through verification of OTP.
  2. Upload E-Aadhaar PDF File (You can upload multiple PDF Files).
  3. Fillup your Shipping Address and choose preferred courier service.
  4. Pay Online by any of the Payment mode (Credit Card, Debit Card, Netbanking and Pay u Money Wallet).

For full demo click on

After successful payment you will get your order No. the screen and on Registered E-Mail, use this order no. to track status of your order. At the time of dispatching your order you will get the Shipping tracking no. on your mail and Mobile No. through which you can track the shipping status of your order.
Yes. You can upload multiple E-Aadhaar files in single order and also choose multiple copies of same card. At the time of uploading the file you can select the number of copies or you can use Edit button to change quantity after uploading.

Easy to Carry

Water Resistant

No Need Lamination

No Wear & Tear

It will not Fade

Long Life

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